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What is weather magick?

What is weather magick?
Since most precipitation is water-related, weather magick is considered a form of sea magick. Many weather spells are focused on controlling the winds or raising a storm. This practice was first recorded in The Odyssey when Odysseus received a bag of wind from Aeolus (the divine Keeper of Winds) to aid him on his journey.

In earlier days, Sea Witches were expected to control the weather for seafarers so they could have a safe voyage. Even today an individual controlling the power of the winds can clear stagnation in his or her life, blow the person in a new direction, or even carry him or her forward to success. Responsibility is essential in weather magick, however.

The main thing about weather magick is that it's complicated. Weather magick involves tampering with nature, and nature is inherently chaotic. Before you start doing anything, you need to understand how the forces of nature interact so you can work with them. There are quite a few variables that need to be tracked before dashing off a quick rain spell. While it is possible to work against natural forces to change things to suit yourself, it is far more difficult than going with the flow. Effect change in the weather takes a lot of work and energy, not to mention that if you disrupt the current weather without considering all the variables, it will have unforeseen consequences. The right spell in the wrong place and at the wrong time can severely alter weather patterns for an entire region. What if one Witch wants rain for the garden while another wants a sunny day at the beach?

Let's say for example that there is a storm coming up but your whole family is coming over for a picnic. Would it be better to try to stop the storm in its tracks or to encourage it to go around the picnic? If you try to stop it, it could cause localized flooding at that location, which will do some major damage. If you nudge it around the picnic, it was heading that way anyway, so having it skip one small area isn't really going to hurt much.

Before trying any weather magick, consider about every possible consequence of tampering with the weather. Study your local weather patterns. The more you are trying to do, the greater the chances are that something will go wrong. Calling rain in the wrong place at the wrong time could be disastrous -- is that rain needed in an area of drought? Will that rain cause a flood if brought here?

Always work with Nature, not against Her.

Tools of weather magick

If you practice weather magick, you will quickly discover the need for certain essential tools. Feel free to consecrate them specifically for magickal purposes if they are to be used frequently.

Types of winds

The winds, blowing from each of the four directions, are each possessed of their own virtues. This makes the winds an excellent vessel for magickal energies.

Tip: Before performing any weather magick, consider which way the wind blows. For best results, add a weathervane or windsock to your yard. With a single glance it will be easy to determine the direction of the wind.

winds chart

Weather omens

weather omens

Easy Seaweed weather prediction

seaweed weather prediction If you have access to it, seaweed can be used to predict the weather.

Begin by collecting a large piece and drying it thoroughly. Hang it outside once it is dry.

To predict the weather in your area, check your seaweed:

Concealment fog spell

fog spell This spell can be used to raise a fog or mist to conceal your actions. In effect, it makes you almost invisible. Note that this is best performed early in the morning or late in the evening on humid days. If you live in the desert, it probably won't work at all due to lack of humidity (at least, not without seriously disrupting local weather patterns).



Pour out your bottle of water onto the ground in front of you. Use your pointy implement to draw a line in the air from the ground to above your head.

Recite these words:

From earth to sky let this water rise
To conceal my actions from prying eyes.

If this works, a slight mist will surround you.

Sailor’s Knot wind spell

sailor's knot spell Knot magick is commonly used in sea magick for certain types of weather magick. An old way to raise the winds (especially at sea) involves the use of a knotted cord. When the three knots were tied in the proper magical way, the wind was bound up in them.



Take a length of cording and make three knots in it. As you make the first knot, charge it to raise a gentle breeze. As you make the second knot, charge it to raise a good stiff wind. As you make the third knot, charge it to raise a tempest. When needed, undo each knot.

Needless to say, the third knot should only be undone in emergencies.

Silver Coin wind charm

silver coin A simple spell involving the offering of a silver coin in exchange for favourable winds for travel. The idea here is that offering the coin will "buy" the favourable wind from those higher powers who control the weather.



To cast the spell, throw the silver coin into the nearest body of water while making a wish for fair winds.

Stormy Skies rain spell

stormy skies spell Is there a drought in the area in which you leave? Is there anything you might be able to do about it? A simple rain spell might do the trick. However, this spell is not to be done lightly as you are likely to produce far more rain than you bargained for.



Go outside and set the bucket down on a level surface. Dip the mop into the bucket, making sure it gets thoroughly wet. Point the mop in each of the four directions, stating at each point why you need the rains to come. Then, put the umbrella up and run for cover.

Rain, Rain, Go Away weather spell

rain rain go away spell If you really don't want that storm raining out your family picnic, you can divert it as best as you can to skip that one small area.



Face in the direction of the oncoming storm. Hold up the knife with the blade toward the storm.

As you swing the blade down, recite this chant:

Rain, rain, go away.
You will be welcome back another day.

Further reading

You might also enjoy the following books:

Natural Magic Natural Magic by Doreen Valiente (Phoenix Publishing, 1975): Despite the title, this primarily seems to cover ceremonial magick of varying type. It does however include a section on traditional weather magick, including several ways to raise storms.   Weather Wisdom Weather Wisdom by Albert Lee (Doubleday & Company, 1976): A compilation of lore for weather prediction. It's at least as accurate as the weather on the local news!

These books can be difficult to find since they are out of print. Some great places to buy used books online include:

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