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The use of water in sea magick

The use of water in sea magick
Waters covers most of our blue planet, with over 97% of that water in the ocean. It is the most powerful substance in our world: it quenches fire, it erodes earth and rock, it corrodes metals, it is the source of most precipitation, and it encourages the growth of plants. Without water, none of these things are possible.

It is also one of the few materials on earth that can exist simultaneously in more than one state of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) at certain temperatures. Water freezes (becomes a solid) at 0 deg Celsius and it boils (becomes a gas) at 100 deg Celsius. It is a liquid between those two temperatures.

Because of this unique scientific property, each state of water has its own magickal associations. It is vital to carefully choose the best state of water for your magickal application.

elements of Water

Types of water

types of water Water is not just water, as you know. It can be used as a vehicle of energies and as a base for potions, baths, and washes. Choose your type of water carefully such that it best suits your particular magickal application.

If you are collecting liquid water from a body of water, you can scoop it directly into a glass jar or bottle. Label your bottles immediately before you forget which water is which. Rain water, dew, ice, hail, and snow should be collected in a shallow basin. Frozen water should be used immediately. Fog and mist cannot be collected as such, just herded by magickal means in the desired direction.

Warning #1: Water should not be collected in areas with high levels of air pollution, near roadways, in areas such as lawns where chemicals are sprayed, or from polluted waterways. Chemicals have no place in natural magick. Do not collect or even touch polluted and/or waste water.

Warning #2: It should probably go without saying, but unless you have tested that a magickal water is potable, don't ingest it. If you do not have the means and know-how to test the potability of water, definitely don't drink it!

Note: The water collected from specific plants such as different colours of roses or a specific species of tree is not inherently more magickal than just collecting that type of water directly in a bowl or bottle.

Types of salt

sea salts Sea salt is created by the evaporation of sea water. The different colours of salt produced from the various of bodies of water each have their own magickal properties.

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