Sea witch pouch


Sea witch pouch instructions
Do you travel frequently? Prefer to perform magickal rituals at your local beach? It’s easy to bring along your magickal tools with this portable magickal tool kit.

This pouch holds a portable tool kit for sea Witches. Craft the pouch from heavy blue fabric (as large as needed), and add a drawstring around the top. Then place in the pouch a silver thimble (water), a small piece of driftwood (air), a blue birthday candle and some matches (fire), and a silver coin (earth). Also add a vial of pure water, a vial of sea salt, a vial of sand, and a vial of sea-scented potpourri (incense substitute).

Then choose any five of the following items: shells, ti leaf, seaweed, coral, beryl, aquamarine, fish bones, fish scales. If possible, empower the items at the sea shore before you place them in the pouch.