Ritual to protect a surfer


Surfer protection charm
If you enjoy the sport of surfing (or know someone who does), take the time to create this special surfer protection charm. This charm will help ensure the surfer’s continued safety should they run into a dangerously large wave.

Make up a waterproof pouch containing any three, five, or seven of the following that seems appropriate: ti leaf; bladderwrack; ash twig; pumice; shark tooth; aquamarine; beryl; coral.

Once the pouch has been made, perform the ritual at the shore:

At high tide near and/or on a full moon, anoint the surfboard with ti tree oil. Daub a little on the pouch too, then wear it while surfing. Mark the board with the Chinese symbol for wood since Water supports Wood. Cast a piece of dulse into the sea as an offering to the Gods before heading out on the board for the first time.

Renew the oil at least once a season at a similar time and tide. For continued protection between times, continue to offer dulse each day before surfing.