Bind Thee Intruder spell


Home protection binding spell
Live in a questionable area? Want a little extra security against intruders and other home invasions? Want to protect your home? This simple protective binding spell can help give you peace of mind. Note that if you should catch an intruder, it is entirely up to you about ever unbinding them. You can choose to leave the binding spell intact forever.


  • a black candle
  • a bowl of salt water (sea salt works best)
  • a smudge stick
  • a length of hemp rope for each window or door in your house


Light the candle and focus on banishing evil influences.

Each in turn, beginning with the smudge stick, go around the house and mark each entrance (windows, doors, milk door if you have one, etc.); wave the smudge stick and candle in front of it, and mark the salt water across the bottom ledge of it (or threshold). Recite these words:

May greeted friends be welcome here.
People unknown should have fear.
Those who without welcome cross this door
Shall writhe in pain forevermore.

Then, take one length of rope and tie five knots in it to represent a person’s limbs and head. Place it across the window ledge (or door threshold). Repeat for each entrance. If someone breaks in, one or more of the knots on the rope will be disturbed, and the person will be bound in pain until the knots are untied. If you do not wish to untie the knots, deeply bury the rope in a secluded area. The rope will rot without becoming untied, binding the person forever.