Dedication to the Sea


dedicate yourself to the sea
he time will come when you can no longer resist the call of this path. When that time comes, you should formally dedicate yourself to the Sea Gods.

For this ritual you will need: a cup or shell to hold water, a special sea-themed pendant or ring, a sand dollar, and a reasonably large body of water (any pond or lake in your area will do nicely).

Stand at the water’s edge just before high tide at the full moon. Step out into the water. Hold up the sand dollar, saying:

This sand dollar is a symbol
Of Our Lady of the Sea.
By this gift of the Ocean
I dedicate myself to her service,
So mote it be.

Gather some water in the cup and pour it over your head as a mark of your dedication. Dip the item of jewelry into the water, then wear it as a daily reminder of your vow. Leave the sand dollar as an offering.