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Shells in magick


shells in magick
Shells can be used as a magical component for any spell. Naturally, each type of shell has its own particular associated which lend itself more to some spells than others.

Types of shells

Other spell components

In additional to the obvious sea shells, there are a variety of spell components which are traditionally associated with the sea and its creatures. Such things were once carried by sailors and seafarers when they boarded their ships. These spell components would prove useful in casting sea magick spells.

Please refrain from using any purchased dried animals such as turtles or sea horses in magickal workings. Most of these animals were killed expressly to be offered for sale. Using them (or even just buying them) would be very bad karma, so don’t do it. If enough people refuse to buy these travesties, they will no longer be hunted to the brink of extinction and offered for sale.

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