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What is a sea witch?


about sea witchery
The Sea Witch tradition is associated with seafarers and beachcombers. Sea Witches focus on Moon lore, the tides, and practical weather magicks.

It is from the sea Witch tradition that evolved tales of women who could raise the winds and brew up storms, charges that even two hundred years ago could result in one being sent to the stake. A good storm (intended or not) will send the average Sea Witch running to charge her tools with the storm’s energies.

Sea Witchery is a ‘darker’ path than the average Pagan cares to deal with. However, bear in mind that when you start working with the weather, you are dealing with chaotic forces of nature. Unfortunately, most Pagans perceive chaos to be evil, but if it be called evil, it is a necessary evil. Too many Pagans these days deal only with the light; the Sea Witch works with what is termed ‘grey magick’ to maintain a balance of light and dark. It is definitely not a path for everyone. In fact, most Sea Witches are solitary, as few others enjoy the isolation of a sun-bleached cottage on a wind-swept seacoast.

Why sea witchery?

I realize most people never get past the basics of Witchcraft, but a person can only keep going over them so many times before it’s time for something new. After a few years of practice, it seemed appropriate to start expanding my studies and see what else was out there.

At that time there wasn’t any ‘World Wide Web’ or other Pagans near me, nor had any books encountered ever mentioned specializing in a particular area, but it seemed a natural progression. I soon started coming across books about natural magick, and especially enjoyed reading the chapters about the magick uses of water and began trying things out (and found them a excellent fit). Since I have always been fascinated by the ocean and its wonders, it just seemed natural to specialize in sea magick.

I also realize a lot of people claim there’s no such thing as a ‘natural Witch’ but when you pick an off-beat specialty, you have to have a natural feel for it. Unlike those who specialize in, say, herbalism, there aren’t a wide variety of books to read for correspondences and magickal ideas. In many cases, it is a chapter from this book, a paragraph or two from that one, and figure the rest on my own. It has taken literally years to work out these correspondences for shells, for types of water, for the winds, etc. through my own trial and error.

Getting my tool collection together has been even more challenging since most of my tools aren’t considered magickal tools by modern magickal standards, so they aren’t items from Witches R Us or the Witch ‘n’ Save. I Many tools can be acquired from arts & crafts stores, antique shoppes, even the local sporting goods store. For a specialty like this, you have to keep your eyes open for anything useful, and make good use of it once you have found it.

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