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What is sea magick?

Sea magick is magick involving the element of Water, usually performed at the seashore. If you do not live on the coast, this type of magick is quite flexible, so your local lake, river, pond, or bathtub will work in a pinch. Even placing a bowl of salt water on your altar, with the proper intentions, is sufficient for performing sea magick.

What kinds of spells can one do with sea magick? Any type, but the materials used (spell components) will be sea-related. With a little reworking, a pinch of sea salt works in place of regular salt, and the types of seaweed and shells available constitute entire languages of their own.

Beach spells

Easy beach spell:

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. Don’t overthink what is needed to solve your problems. If you need a quick spell to help with your needs, start with the basics and try this easy beach spell. Just add your favourite deserted beach and you’re all set!

For this spell you will need your wand and a nearby beach.

Stand at the water’s edge just before high tide. With your wand, trace either the appropriate rune or a symbol of your needs in the sand. As the tide rushes in, it will carry it to the sea Gods. Your needs will be met within one lunar cycle.

Easy shell spell:

Many simple spells can be performed with just a shell, a pencil, and a large body of water. Find a shell appropriate to your needs and dry it out well. On the shell’s interior, draw a symbol of your needs with the pencil (the symbol will therefore wash off in water). Place the shell on the beach so that the rising tide will carry it off. Within one lunar cycle, you should see your needs meet.

Nine Waves beach wish:

Utilize the power of Nine to make your wish come true. This spell works best if you cast it on the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month of the year — September 9th at 9 am.

Walk along the beach as the tide is coming in. Starting at the moment of high tide, count out nine waves rolling from the shore. When the ninth wave is leaving, make your wish.

Protect My Travels spell:

Before traveling over water, it is considered prudent to make an offering to the sea Gods. Visit the shore just prior to your journey. Traditional offerings include silver coins and gems. However, you may offer anything you have to give that seems appropriate. Leave your offering at the water’s edge just before high tide.

Seaweed Pentagram spell:

Those who choose to perform rituals at the seashore may wish for protection against interruption. This can easily be accomplished by gathering many long pieces of seaweed and forming them into a protective pentagram near where you are working (or near the entrance to the beach if there is a specific path to it). Be sure to remove the pentagram when you are finished with your ritual so as not to upset other beach goers the next day.

Weather magick

Since most precipitation is water-related, weather magick is a form of sea magick. In earlier days, sea witches were expected to control the weather for seafarers so they could have a safe voyage. Knot magick is commonly used in sea magick for binding spells and certain types of weather magick.

Sailor’s Knot wind spell:

An old way to raise the winds (especially at sea) involves the use of a knotted rope. Take a length of rope and make three knots in it. As you make the first knot, charge it to raise a gentle breeze. As you make the second knot, charge it to raise a good stiff wind. As you make the third knot, charge it to raise a hurricane. When needed, undo each knot. Needless to say, the third knot should only be undone in emergencies.

Stormy Skies rain spell:

For this you need a mop, a bucket of water, and an umbrella. Go outside and set the bucket down. Dip the mop into the bucket, making sure it gets thoroughly wet. Point the mop in each of the four directions, stating at each point why you need the rains to come. Then, put the umbrella up and run for cover. Not to be done lightly, as you are likely to produce far more rain than you bargained for.

Bind Thee Intruder spell:

Live in a questionable area? Want a little extra security against intruders and other home invasions? Want to protect your home? This simple protective binding spell can help give you peace of mind. Note that if you should catch an intruder, it is entirely up to you about ever unbinding them. You can choose to leave the binding spell intact forever.

For this spell you will need a black candle, a bowl of sea salt water, a smudge stick, and a length of hemp rope for each window or door in your house.

Light the candle and focus on banishing evil influences.

Each in turn, beginning with the smudge stick, go around the house and mark each entrance (windows, doors, milk door if you have one, etc.); wave the smudge stick and candle in front of it, and mark the salt water across the bottom ledge of it (or threshold). Recite these words:

May greeted friends be welcome here.
People unknown should have fear.
Those who without welcome cross this door
Shall writhe in pain forevermore.

To activate the spell, take one length of rope and tie five knots in it to represent a person’s limbs and head. Place it across the window ledge (or door threshold). Repeat for each entrance. If someone breaks in, one or more of the knots on the rope will be disturbed, and the person will be bound in pain until the knots are untied. If you do not wish to untie the knots, deeply bury the rope in a secluded area. The rope will rot without becoming untied, binding the person forever.

Moon magick

Moon magick is another type of sea magick, as the Moon controls the sea’s tides. Mirror magick (especially mirror scrying) is a little-practiced derivation of moon magick, and is also considered a form of sea magick.

Cockles of the Heart love spell:

Love spells should never be done lightly. To perform such a spell indicates that you are willing to accept any and all consequences that may resulting from casting this spell.

If you feel this is truly the only way to achieve your heart’s desire, this spell will aid you in your endeavor.

You will need a pink candle, rose quartz, rose oil, a specially-charged heart pendant, a cockle shell, and a small hand mirror.

Perform during the waxing moon. Anoint the candle, mirror, and your forehead each with one drop of rose oil. Light the candle, state your wish, and pass the pendant and rose quartz through the flame. Place both of those inside the shell overnight, leaving the shell atop the mirror. Extinguish the candle. Repeat for nine nights. Then wear the pendant and carry the rose quartz in your pocket for one moon cycle.


Scrying is one of the best forms of divination for a sea witch to use. Scrying can be done in a bowl of water, into a body of water, or using a mirror. For any of these, the method is much the same:

Slowly pass your hands in front of whatever you are scrying in, focusing on what you would like to discover. Your left hand will cause the image to form, while your right hand will strengthen the image, though this will be reversed for left-handed people. Begin with your left hand, palm down, and alternate hands, gazing until an image begins to form. This may take time and practice, so be patient. Remember to blink; staring unblinkingly will only give you eye strain. Keeping your eyes just out of focus will often help greatly.

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