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Sea Gods


about sea gods
The Sea Gods are often capricious, but can be helpful to humans if approached properly and with due respect. They have long been regarded with a mixture of reverence and fear by those who would travel by sea. Most sea-farers would never consider leaving the shore without first making a suitable offering to ensure his (or her) safety while on the waters.

Deity Concepts

Goddesses appear either in the form of a mermaid or as a blue-robed woman, while Gods tend to resemble the Old Man of the Sea with long white hair.

The Goddess

The God Symbolism

Names of Sea Gods

Charge of the Sea Goddess

Hearken to the Words of the Sea Goddess, called once and once again Amphitrite, Fand, Mari, Ran, Tiamat, Yemaya, and numerous other names:

sea gods
I am the blue-robed Keeper of the treasures of the Sea. For My adornments I choose from the spoils of all shipwrecks since antiquity. Countless pearl strands adorn My throat and wrists, while mother-of-pearl combs hold back My hair. Jewels offered unto Me by My earliest worshipers ornament My great throne. Attendant on Me are the nereids, mermaids, and nymphs who dance near the shores and beckon mortals to their watery embraces.

In each generation I call many to My waters. These, then, are the sailors and divers who yearn to explore the depths of My Mysteries. To many more, My Presence gives comfort and sustenance in their daily lives. However, sacrifice unto Me before traversing My Waters, lest I call to you to join Me beneath the waves.

From My sacred womb descends all that Was, Is, and Ever shall be. From Me came all life, and to Me all life shall return, from I am the Cauldron, the Graal of Immortality. To drink of My waters is to know Eternity. Beware, however, of drinking too deeply, lest you know it intimately. I am the womb of the world and the blood of life. Salt-water flows through the veins of all creatures, and My tides control every female, who shall honour and serve Me until the end of time.

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