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Sea rituals


sea rituals
Rituals for a Sea Witch are not necessarily the solemn occasions one might see in other traditions. The chaotic nature of the magicks lends itself to exuberant celebrations in tune with the ocean herself. Prepare the altar with gifts from the sea, and choose similarly appropriate offerings.

Preparation for a ritual

altar diagram A sea Witch's altar

Placed on the altar are the Goddess and God images, the censer, candles, the cup, the pentacle, the wand, the cauldron, the athame, and the grimoire (see diagram).

Altars should be round in shape, symbolic of the Moon. Other items such as shells, crystals, sand, etc. can be included as needed. The altar should be covered with an altar cloth of the appropriate colour. Since it is a sacred space, mundane items should not be placed on the altar, but offerings may be left here as needed.


Sea Witches typically collect items from the shore (seaweed, sand, shells, etc.). Since everything in nature is imbued with energy, it is generally considered polite to return the energy taken when these items are collected. This can be done as an offering left at the water’s edge: something you made, a silver coin, a sprig of your favourite herb, a strand of your hair, or something personally meaningful.

Just be certain that it will not be harmful to the environment in which it is offered, and of course, don’t leave trash or plastic wrappings behind.

Ritual dress

Robes should be worn in ritual according to one's role at the time of the ritual. The suggested colours for robes are white, aquamarine, blue, grey, or black. The robe should be hooded, or else one should have a hooded cloak since it often becomes chilly near the sea, particularly at night.

Each sea Witch should have a necklace and ring to wear during rituals. These items should be of silver. Some suggested designs are moons, spirals, shells, fish or cetaceans, merfolk, etc.

Guidelines for public workings

Even in this modern “enlightened” age where witches are fashionable and there’s a New Age shoppe on every corner, not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a magickally-tolerant community. Sometimes the neighbours might have the wrong idea about witches, so it pays to be careful and conservative if you intend to perform any magickal workings in a public location (however secluded that location might be). Before heading out to the beach with twelve co-religionists to set up a blazing cauldron at midnight, take heed of these simple guidelines because it is better to be safe than sorry:

Sea Witch travel kit

Do you travel frequently? Prefer to perform magickal rituals at your local beach? It’s easy to bring along your magickal tools with this portable magickal tool kit.

This pouch holds a portable tool kit for sea Witches. Craft the pouch from heavy blue fabric (as large as needed), and add a drawstring around the top. Then place in the pouch a silver thimble (water), a small piece of driftwood (air), a blue birthday candle and some matches (fire), and a silver coin (earth). Also add a vial of pure water, a vial of sea salt, a vial of sand, and a vial of sea-scented potpourri (incense substitute).

choose any five of the following items: shells, ti leaf, seaweed, coral, beryl, aquamarine, fish bones, fish scales. If possible, empower the items at the sea shore before you place them in the pouch.

Sea rituals

Dedication to the Sea:

The time will come when you can no longer resist the call of this path. When that time comes, you should formally dedicate yourself to the Sea Gods.

For this ritual you will need a cup or shell to hold water, a special sea-themed pendant or ring, a sand dollar, and a reasonably large body of water (any pond or lake in your area will do).

Stand at the water’s edge just before high tide at the full moon. Step out into the water. Hold up the sand dollar, saying:

This sand dollar is a symbol
Of Our Lady of the Sea.
By this gift of the Ocean
I dedicate myself to her service,
So mote it be.

Gather some water in the cup and pour it over your head as a mark of your dedication. Dip the item of jewelry into the water, then wear it as a daily reminder of your vow. Leave the sand dollar as an offering.

Ritual to protect a surfer:

If you enjoy the sport of surfing (or know someone who does), take the time to create this special surfer protection charm. This charm will help ensure the surfer’s continued safety should they run into a dangerously large wave.

Make up a waterproof pouch containing any three, five, or seven of the following that seems appropriate: ti leaf; bladderwrack; ash twig; pumice; shark tooth; aquamarine; beryl; coral.

Once the pouch has been made, perform the ritual at the shore:

At high tide near and/or on a full moon, anoint the surfboard with ti tree oil. Daub a little on the pouch too, then wear it while surfing. Mark the board with the Chinese symbol for wood since Water supports Wood. Cast a piece of dulse into the sea as an offering to the Gods before heading out on the board for the first time.

Renew the oil at least once a season at a similar time and tide. For continued protection between times, continue to offer dulse each day before surfing.

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