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What is moon magick?

What is moon magick?
Moon magick is a type of sea magick, as the Moon controls the sea’s tides. The Moon also generates aetheric tides which are the magickal equivalent of the physical sea tides seen at the beach. Any items which are shiny and round or spherical are under the influence of the Moon. Techniques such as scrying which use the Inner Eye for divination are best performed at the full moon under direct moonlight.

The Moon in magick

The Moon is the natural satellite of our home planet Earth. A lunar month (termed a 'moon') takes just over 28 solar days, with the Moon changing phases each day.

moon phases

Scrying and mirror magick

how to scry
Scrying is one of the best forms of divination for a Sea Witch to use. The earliest scrying devices were nothing more than a pool of clear water, though today many choose to have a bowl set aside for this purpose. Fill the bowl with blessed water and add a few drops of ink to obscure the bottom of the bowl. A glass fishing float also makes an excellent scrying device.

Mirror magick (especially mirror scrying) is a little-practiced derivation of moon magick, particularly when a round mirror is used. A traditional scrying mirror is a "black mirror" -- that is, a mirror with black glass rather than the usual silver mirror backing. Mirror magick is also by extension considered a form of sea magick.

Regardless of the scrying object used, the method is much the same:

Turn off any bright lights in the room, especially overhead ones as they are distracting. Situate yourself into a comfortable position.

Slowly pass your hands in front of the scrying device, focusing on what you would like to discover. Your left hand will cause the image to form, while your right hand will strengthen the image, though this will be reversed for left-handed people.

Begin with your left hand, palm down, and alternate hands, gazing until an image begins to form. After a while and some practice, you should start to see images or impressions in the float. When you are done and no longer seeing anything, it may be helpful to write down what you have seen. Some things may not make sense at the time, but they will later. Keep a written record if you can.

The art of scrying may take time and practice, so be patient if you do not see anything right away.

Tip #1: Remember to blink as staring unblinkingly into the scrying device will only give you eye strain. Keeping your eyes just out of focus will often help greatly.

Tip #2: Don't watch the surface of your scrying object -- look into it. A fishing float with lots of bubbles and swirls in it is best for this.

Make your own magick mirror

DIY scrying mirror Supplies


  1. Clean the mirror thoroughly both front and back.
  2. Center the mirror on the wood backing, then glue the mirror onto the backing. Let it dry overnight.
  3. Decorate around the edges of the mirror if desired

To use the mirror, place it on a flat surface for scrying.

Further reading

You might also enjoy the following books:

The Art of Scrying and the Magick Mirror The Art of Scrying and the Magick Mirror by Katlyn (Mermade Magickal Arts, 1999): This is a small chapbook. Includes basic scrying techniques, suggestions for incense to burn while scrying, and mirror consecration spells. While the book is specific as to scrying in a black mirror, the techniques can easily be adapted for use with a crystal ball or bowl of water.   Moon Lore Moon Lore by Elizabeth Pepper (The Witches' Almanac, 2002): This is a small chapbook. Includes the moon in folklore, weather forecasting and gardening by the moon, and traditional moon spells and charms. Very interesting read.

These books can be difficult to find since many are out of print. Some great places to buy used books online include:

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