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FAQ Who are you?

Call me Minnie. Everyone does. I am the resident Sea Witch and mermaid-in-disguise.

Are you Wiccan?

No. Too much ritual, not enough plain old folk magick. Also, I don't agree with the Wiccan Rede.

How long have you been practicing sea magick?

Something approaching thirty years.

What is a Book of Tides?

I coined the term when this site ( was started in 1995. A Book of Tides is a record of magickal information and workings as pertaining to the practice of sea magick.

book of tides I feel that is important to keep records, even if the records are just reminders of a particular process. At some point you will need to look up the best type of salt for banishing, or the best sea shell for a particular spell. I do this all the time because if I don't write things down, I will forget them. I can fill in the details about how to do this or that spell as long as I have my charts in my Book of Tides (hence why some of the spells I have posted on this site look a bit on the sketchy and basic side). I don't really do ceremonial magick such as rituals, and I tend to "wing it" when it comes to spellwork.

FYI, I do have other magickal record "books", although I don't necessarily call them as such for online purposes.

If you have a good memory and don't want or need to write things down, more power to you. If you decide to write things down, you can call your book whatever resonates with you. I was sorely tempted to call this site "The Book of Kelp" (in a nod to the famous Book of Kells in Ireland), but kelp wasn't local to the place where I lived.

What is the difference between a sea witch, a mer-witch, a storm witch, and a water witch?

I want to be a Sea Witch but don't live near the sea. Now what?

I don't live near the sea either. Is there a body of water nearby that you can visit (lake, river, creek, bog, mud puddle)?

In a pinch, a kiddie wading pool, bathtub, or garden sprinkler would probably suffice.

How do I get the magickal tools for this path?

You don't need fancy tools. One basic principle of sea witchery is to work with what you have rather than buying a bunch of expensive tools. Use what you can find nearby, then improvise the rest.

easy magickal tools

Do you really not have candles on your altar? The spells on [site] require candles!

I don't put candles on the Water altars, no, and I rarely use them on the other altars. Instead, I have several small LED gooseneck lamps (with a plug) for lighting. These are adjustable so I can see what I'm doing, they provide plenty of light, and there's no fire hazard.

If you don't want to (or can't) use candles, don't use them. They aren't necessary for anything except actual candle magick, in my opinion.

Will you teach me?

I don't normally accept students.

For your magickal practice, you will need to work out magick techniques which are suited to whatever part of the world in which you live -- weather tracking, tidal charts, seasonal changes, that sort of thing. I can't help you with that.

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