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Sea Witch craft ideas


sea craft ideas
If you enjoy making your own magickal supplies, here are some idea for unique sea themed crafts.

Sea amulet:

This amulet can be placed on your desk at work, in your car, on your boat, or any place that needs a little sea protection. Find a pair of scallop shells that will fit together. In the bottom shell, place a pinch of rosemary, a seed pearl, a willow twig or a bit of driftwood, and a small silver coin or a tiny sand dollar. Anoint the top shell with a drop of salt water, and close the shells. Tie them firmly closed with blue ribbon, and place where needed.

Sea protection bottle:

If you suspect you are the victim of psychic attacks, this bottle may prove helpful in warding off unwanted influences. Wash a small jar thoroughly and dry it out. Place in the jar broken shells, sea urchin spines, a small murex shell, and sea salt, packing them in firmly.

Close the jar with the cork and seal it with dark blue melted wax. Place the jar near the main entrance to your house, either in an inconspicuous indoor location, or bury it just outside the door.

Sea witch bottle:

A powerful protective device for home or vehicle can be crafted from a small jar and the gifts of the sea. If this jar is to remain visible, you may wish to arrange the items in bands or stripes. Wash the jar thoroughly and dry it out. Place in the jar driftwood, dry seaweed, shells, and sand, packing them in firmly. When the jar is nearly full, sprinkle sea salt on the top. Close the jar with the cork and seal it with melted wax. If you plan to bury the jar on your property, do so now.

Shell runes:

Runes can be crafted quickly and inexpensively. All that is needed is one shell for each rune and a paint pen. Select shells that are approximately the same size and shape (tiny scallop shells work well for this). On the inside or outside of each shell, draw a rune, and repeat until you have a full set of runes. Store them in a small blue drawstring bag.

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