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What is beach magick?


what is beach magick
The beach is an excellent place for Sea Witches to celebrate the waters of the world: the seas, lakes, rivers and ponds. While we typically visit the beach during hot summers, those who live in cooler climates may enjoy a walk along a deserted beach in the off-season.

Not only is the beach a good place to collect water to use in magickal workings, but it is a great spot to find treasures from the Sea which will be imbued with the energy of our Mother Ocean. These treasures might include sea shells, beach glass, seaweed, and tidal drift debris, all of which can be used for beach magick at the sea shore.

Remember, however, that when you work with Mother Ocean, you are not in control. She works with Her own set of rules and Her own agenda. We mortals are mere visitors to Her realm. Unlike an altar in your room or a space in the garden, a visit to Mother Ocean can be amazing, forceful, and destructive all at once, and we need to respect Her.

The tides

The tides, the rise and fall of ocean waters on a regular schedule, are a practical way to indicate the passage of time. All bodies of water are subject to the force of the Sun and Moon which generate tides.

Tip: Before performing magick at the seashore, check the current tide to determine the best type of magick for that particular time of day. The highest and lowest tides for each month occur at the Full Moon due to its strong pull on the seas.

Guidelines for beach magick workings

Even in this modern enlightened age where witches are fashionable and there’s a New Age shoppe on every corner, not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a magick tolerant community. Before heading out to the beach to "do things", take heed of these simple guidelines because it is better to be safe than sorry:

A seashore spell

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. Don’t overthink what is needed to solve your problems. If you need a quick spell to help with your needs, start with the basics by trying this easy beach spell. Just add your favourite deserted beach and you’re all set!



Stand at the water’s edge just before high tide. With your writing implement, trace a symbol of your needs in the sand of the beach. As the tide rushes in, it will carry it to the Sea Gods. Your needs will be met within one lunar cycle.

For a variant, trace a symbol of your needs onto a sea shell. Place the shell on the beach so that the rising tide will carry it off. Within one lunar cycle, you should see your needs meet.

Nine Waves beach wish

Utilize the power of Nine to make your wish come true. This spell works best if you cast it on the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month of the year -- September 9th (09/09) at 9 AM.


Walk along the beach as the tide is coming in. Starting at the moment of high tide, count out nine waves rolling from the shore. When the ninth wave is leaving, make your wish.

Protect My Travels beach spell

Before traveling over water, it is considered prudent to make an offering to the sea Gods. It is even more important to make an offering to the sea Gods before setting off in a new boat, lest they claim the boat and your life. Figureheads for larger ships are a remnant of this custom.


Visit the shore just prior to your journey. Traditional offerings include assorted animal sacrifices (as done in the early days of seafaring), silver coins (always a good choice), a sprig of your favourite herb, a strand of your hair, gemstones, or a bottle of champagne (the modern equivalent).

However, you may offer anything you have to give that seems appropriate such as something you made or something personally meaningful. Just be certain that it will not be harmful to the environment in which it is offered, and of course, don't leave trash or plastic wrappings behind.

Seaweed Pentagram beach spell

Those who choose to perform rituals at the seashore may wish for protection against interruption. This can easily be accomplished by gathering many long pieces of seaweed to form into a protective pentagram near where you are working (or near the entrance to the beach if there is a specific path to it).

Tip: Be sure to remove the pentagram when you are finished with your ritual so as not to upset other beach goers the next day.

A sea charm

This charm can be placed on your desk at work, in your car, on your boat, or any place that needs a little sea protection.



Place all items into the bottom shell. Anoint the top shell with a drop of salt water, and close the shells. Tie them firmly closed with blue ribbon, and then place the charm where needed.

A Sea Witch protection bottle

If you suspect you are the victim of psychic attacks, this bottle may prove helpful in warding off unwanted influences. It is a powerful protective device for home or vehicle which can be crafted from a small jar and the gifts of the sea.



Place all items into the jar in layers, packing them in firmly. Close the jar with the cork, then seal it with dark blue melted wax.

Place the jar near the main entrance to your house, either in an inconspicuous indoor location, or bury it just outside the door.

A charm to protect a surfer

If you enjoy the sport of surfing (or know someone who does), take the time to create this special surfer protection charm. This charm will help ensure the surfer’s continued safety should they encounter a dangerously large wave.


Make up a small waterproof pouch containing at least three of the following items:


Once the pouch has been made, wear it while surfing.

Tip: Make an offering before heading out on your surfboard for the first time, and at the beginning of each surfing session thereafter.

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