Types of water


Types of water in magick
Choose your type of water carefully such that it best suits your particular magickal application. Water should not be collected in areas with high levels of air pollution, near roadways, in areas where chemicals are sprayed, or from polluted waterways. Chemicals have no place in natural magick.

  • Dew: Condenses each night out of the atmosphere from mist onto leaves, grass, etc. It is traditionally used in beauty spells.
  • Pond water: Can be used in meditations to achieve peace and tranquility.
  • River water: Placing an item in running water removes all magickal charges from it.
  • Rain water: Use for revitalizing and growth spells.
  • Sea water: Because of its salt content, it can be used for cleansing and purification spells.
  • Spring water: The traditional ‘pure water’ called for in magickal spells. There are also some hot springs with a high sulfur content; this water can be used for banishing.
  • Swamp water: When stored in a sealed jar, it can be used to attract negativity to a designated area (typically to banish it from other areas).
  • Well water: The exact uses for well water depend on which minerals are present, following the standard correspondence for that mineral. If copper is present, for example, the water can be used in love spells.