Shells in magick


Shells in magick
Shells can be used as a magical component for any spell. Naturally, each type of shell has its own particular associated which lend itself more to some spells than others.

  • Abalone: This shell is quite deceitful. Hidden beneath its drab exterior is a beautiful mother-of-pearl interior. Use this shell in spells to seek hidden treasures and good fortune.
  • Auger: This obviously phallic shell can be used for any spells of male concern.
  • Clam: Renaissance artists painted Venus coming to shore on a clam shell. It has long been considered a symbol of the Goddess.
  • Cockle: The basis of the expression “warming the cockles of the heart,” this shell is best used in spells for love, friendship, relationships, emotions.
  • Conch: When blown, this shell produces a loud noise. It can be used effectively in spells of summoning, for difficulties in communicating, and as an aid in clearing up misconceptions.
  • Cowry: Look closely at this shell and you will see that it resembles the female genitalia. This shell can be used for spells of any female concern including such things as pregnancy and menstrual difficulties.
  • Moon snail: As its name implies, the shell resembles a small moon. It can be used for lunar magick of all types.
  • Murex: The sharp spikes of the murex shell immediately suggest it can be used for protection, defense, and preservation.
  • Nautilus: This shell, which is shaped almost exactly like the brain, can be used for any mentally related spells. This would include term papers, examinations, and writings of any kind.
  • Oyster: Due to their pearl generating abilities, oysters are best used in spells for good fortune and also banishment.
  • Scallop: Scallop shells are good all-purpose shells. They can be used in place of any other shell.
  • Spindle: The spindle shell, as its name implies, resembles the drop spindle. It is best used in meditations on destiny, but can also be used to inspire any art or craft project.
  • Whelk: A curved shell that is easy on which to get a grip, whelk shells are used for spells when you need to ‘get a handle’ on things and gain control of a situation.