Sea Gods


the sea goddess
The Sea Gods are often capricious, but can be helpful to humans if approached properly and with due respect. They have long been regarded with a mixture of reverence and fear by those who would travel by sea. Most sea-farers would never consider leaving the shore without first making a suitable offering to ensure his (or her) safety while on the waters.

Goddesses appear either in the form of a mermaid or as a blue-robed woman, while Gods tend to resemble the Old Man of the Sea with long white hair.

Names of Sea Gods

  • Amphitrite: ’The Great Embracer’ — pre-Hellenic sea Goddess
  • Atargatis: Syrian mermaid Goddess
  • Lir: Irish sea God
  • Mami Wata: ’Mother Water’ — Nigerian mermaid Goddess
  • Nereus: ’Old Man of the Sea’ — Hellenic sea God
  • Njord: Norse God of sea travel
  • Poseidon: ’Husband of De’ — Hellenic sea God
  • Ran: ’The Ravisher’ — Norse sea Goddess
  • Sedna: Inuit sea Goddess